Tortuga Tile Works make a wide variety of tiles that feature iconic and retro motifs.  They make great accents for your home and are excellent as gifts.  Tiles have a hook glued to the back for easy display. 

Browse the facebook galleries by clicking on the links below for tiles and then contact with the item numbers and we will put your order together.  Orders can be paid for through paypal and shipped to you or a designated recipient.

Inspired by the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead, these tiles are a festive take on this serious subject.  Often romantic, these tiles make great gifts.
These high relief tiles make a great backsplash for behind a bar.  They also work great in a spirit themed gift basket.
For those who can’t get enough of mid-century sci-fi, check out the Robots, Rockets and Rayguns of this collection in six colors.
Japanese Inspired Tiles include Kanji blocks that say love, dream and strength as well as decorative bonsai, koi fish, orchids, geisha, and kabuki. 
Escape to the Islands or at least your Tiki Bar with these Polynesian inspired Tiki Tiles.
Capture the freedom of the high seas with these tiles.  From Mermaids and sea creatures to pirates, sharks and fish, these tiles will set your soul sailing.