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and Mosaics

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Custom Tile that Fits Your Style.

What is the design and ordering process?

Tortuga Tile Works will help you through the entire design process.  Just give LuRu a direction and dimensions and she will provide layouts and a quote to fit your needs.  She will create a design that has the most impact for your budget.  

Tiles can be shipped individually, mounted on mesh for easy installation of multipart mosaics, or cemented and grouted on concrete board.  Tortuga Tile Works does not do installation, but will aid your contractor with instructions and scale diagrams to insure a successful installation.

​Contact luru@tortugatileworks.com and she will work up a layout just for you. 

How are your tiles created?

Tortuga tiles are all hand-made using various mold making techniques.  Artist and designer LuRu sculpts the original compositions in low relief to create the patterns. She hand paints all of the tile with a mix of commercial and her own hand crafted glazes. LuRu has been working in clay for over thirty years. She earned her BFA in ceramics from The Ohio State University and her MFA in sculpture from Louisiana State University.  In addition to the regular stock tiles, she is able to customize designs or adapt existing tiles to any given framework.  

How much will it cost?

We can adjust any custom project to fit within your budget.  Tortuga Tiles can be added as accents for as little as a few hundred dollars or we can create an entire room for you for several thousand dollars. Fill out our quote request form and get an estimate and layout and see for yourself.

Pricing varies with size, intricacy and glaze decisions. Quote will be devised based on sample decisions.
Basic pricing structure is as follows:
6” square (or equivalent shape) tiles with 3 color polychrome glaze start at $35. 
6” square (or equivalent shape) tiles with relief and monochrome glaze range from $20-$35.
6” square (or equivalent shape) tiles with relief and 3 color polychrome start at $50.

Tortuga Tile Works creates tiles to suit a variety of different personalities, and aims to produce original and unusual tile pieces.
How long will it take?

Production schedules vary depending on the scope of the project, but every effort is taken to ensure timely fulfillment of all orders  All design decisions are made on your schedule. Once designs and samples have been approved, the tiles are hand-made by LuRu and will take at least 3 weeks and up to 6 months. So contact her today to get started on your project.