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Custom Tile that Fits Your Style.

Image showing hand-made ceramic tile Tortuga Tile Works custom back splash featuring a fish tornado for clients who enjoy scuba diving
An image showing a hand-made Tortuga Tile backsplash featuring a fish tornado. Water is contour cut with cobalt glazes and the fish are white and orange spiraling through the water.
Detail image of hand-made ceramic tile custom Tortuga Tile Works back splash featuring a fish tornado for clients who enjoy scuba diving.
Image showing an entire kitchen of hand- made ceramic tile by Tortuga Tile Works in the retro Atomic style complete with intrepid astronaut explorers in a custom mosaic stovescape.
Detail image of Tortuga Tile Works custom hand-made ceramic Atomic back splash featuring iconic lithium atoms and robots. Photo by Lee Sandweiss
Image showing hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile border featuring red and yellow Chinese dragons with a grey background. Six inch tiles, One head, one tail and one middle section that can repeat as needed. Left and right facing dragons available.
Image showing a kitchen with Chinese Dragon Tiles installed in the  back splash. Six inch polychrome low relief tiles. The center portion of the dragon can repeat to create any length of dragon.
Image showing a custom bar with a tile backsplash and side panels. Tiles are cobalt blue and metallic star tiles six inches. each.
Image showing a bar backsplash featuring a cobalt blue and metallic repeated tile back splash. The tiles are low relief 6" squares.
Close up image of custom hearth tiles featuring an art nouveau inspired, green floral arabesque with blue stylized flowers.
Image showing hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile featuring alligator hide texture in black. 5" x 10" with cropped corners. Metallic silver 2" diamond studs set horizontally within the corners of the alligator tile.
Image showing randomly arranged graffiti tiles produced by Tortuga Tile Works for clients who  wanted a custom hand-made backsplash reminiscent of their New York home.
Detail image of hand-made low relief custom graffiti tiles produced by Tortuga Tile Works
Image showing hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile border featuring a deco design in all white. 3" x 9".
Image showing hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile mosaic in taupe and white. Created as a stovescape to accompany deco subways tiles.15" x 30"
Hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile border featuring a deco design in taupe and white. 3" x 9".
Image showing three views of a stair case with cream and gold deco arabesque stair risers, address plaque and custom coordinating niche feature.
Image showing low relief, sculpted, deco linked, stair riser tiles in brown, rust and cream.
Hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile featuring an Estate Sign that reads Rum Plantation with glazed images of sugar cane and rum barrels. 30" x 5'.
Hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile featuring the word "welcome" in many different languages. 
Black, white and gray in various sized tiles.
Image showing a bar with hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile featuring a Polynesian pattern in brown and orange on a cream background. Tiles are 4" and 8".
An image showing hand-made Tortuga Tiles featuring a Polynesian pattern in brown and cream set into a checkerboard of plain orange and turquoise tiles. 6" square.
Image showing hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile featuring a relief pineapple design in black. 4" square.
Image showing a pool side with two hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile mosaics featuring a left and right facing heron standing in water in front of an island.
Image showing two mosaics side by side made of hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile. Each features a white and grey heron standing in blue and turquoise water with a green island behind them and a blue sky. Each has a grey border around the edge, made of bull nose tile. Each mosaic is 30" square.
An image of a hand-made Ceramic Tortuga Tile mosaic featuring two mermaids swimming toward each other. This mosaic is wrapped around the corner cornice of a lanai. The mermaids have red hear and green tails and are set within a background of turquoise water. 60" x 10"
Image showing hand-made Tortuga Tile featuring fashion plates and zipper tiles. These porcelain tiles feature custom decals of Ipsum Lorem in several languages for a sophisticated worldly feel. 4" square.
Image showing hand-made ceramic Tortuga Tile Works mosaic featuring a Masonic style Mexican pyramid surrounded by rows of flames, bones, a quetzalcoatl ouroborus and skulls. -48" Diamieter
 quote request form

Make your dream walls a reality.  Tortuga Tile Works will help you through the entire design process.  Just give us a direction and dimensions and we will provide layouts and a quote to fit your needs.  Artist, LuRu, will create a design that has the most impact for your budget.  She will mix and match from our array of products.

Tiles can be shipped individually, mounted on mesh for easy installation of multipart mosaics, or cemented and grouted on concrete board.  Tortuga Tile Works does not do installation, but will aid your contractor with instructions and scale diagrams to insure a successful installation.

Enter your information in our quote request form and we will work up a layout just for you. 

Tortuga tiles are all hand-made using various mold making techniques.  Artist and designer LuRu sculpts the original compositions in low relief to create the patterns. She earned her BFA in ceramics from The Ohio State University and her MFA in sculpture from Louisiana State University.  In addition to the regular stock tiles, she is able to customize designs or adapt existing tiles to any given framework.  

Tortuga Tile Works creates tiles to suit a variety of different personalities and aims to produce original and unusual tile pieces. Production schedules vary depending on the scope of the project, but every effort is taken to ensure timely fulfillment of all orders. Our artisan tiles are available for retail, wholesale and custom markets.
How much will it cost?
We can adjust any custom project to fit within your budget.  Tortuga Tiles can be added as accents for as little as a few hundred dollars or we can create an entire room for you for several thousand dollars. Fill out our quote request form and get an estimate and layout and see for yourself.

Pricing varies with size, intricacy and glaze decisions. Quote will be devised based on sample decisions.
Basic pricing structure is as follows:
6” square (or equivalent shape) tiles with 3 color polychrome glaze start at $35. 
6” square (or equivalent shape) tiles with relief and monochrome glaze range from $20-$35.
6” square (or equivalent shape) tiles with relief and 3 color polychrome start at $50. 

How long will it take?
Small orders of regular stock tiles take approximately 3 weeks to make if they are not currently in stock.  Larger custom orders need a lead time of 8-12 weeks.